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***[ANNOUNCEMENT]*** New Update Incoming! - 23 May, 2015

Hello Linkers,

Do we have a special Wednesday planned for you guys! Who's ready for some awesome changes coming to Dungeon Link!

This update will introduce some amazing new additions! Check them out below, and let us know what you think!

New Features/Content

  • Tower of Magic
  • New Tower of Magic added for more intense action
  • New tower unlocks after getting to Level 50 of Tower of Tribulation
  • Within the Tower of Magic, End Points do not have a specific color tied to them
  • Utilize the End Points to create the best attack in order to fight within this insanely difficult tower!

* Tower Rewards Include:

  • Gold & Bonus Stat Points*
  • Bonus Stat Points are used to boost up your account stats PERMANENTLY (Account Level Stats)

New Raid Boss Added

  • Ente the Forest Master comes to Kanterbury!

PvP Quests added to Daily Quests

  • PvP Trophy button added
  • Trophy can be found within the Lobby
  • This menu will display the winners of the past PvP League

New Story Hero added

  • Rin the Kungfu Girl

New Heroes added

  • Kiki the Assassin
  • Nana the Fairy
  • Rika the Vampire Princess
  • Mimi the Crossbow Girl
  • Ente the Forest Master

Updated Features

  • VIP Benefits Improved
  • Purchase Restore Improved- This new fix will prevent future problems with purchasing errors.
  • For users that have experienced purchase issues previous to this update, we ask that you contact our Support Team so that we can get you fixed

PvP Rebalanced

  • PvP has been rebalanced to create more competitive edge
  • HP/Heal in PvP have increased
  • Overall Damage/Buffs/Critical Multiplier has been reduced in PvP
  • Overall Passive Skill has been reduced in PvP
  • PvP Boost Items have been changed
  • DEF 10% has been increased to DEF 20% in PvP
  • Starting Mana has been decreased from 20% to 10% in PvP
  • PvP Defense Team will receive a small stat boost
  • More items will be available to purchase with PvP Coins
  • Sword will only be available to purchase once per day with PvP Coins

Raid Boss Rebalanced -* Various adjustments and bug fixes made in boss raid encounters.

Login Calendar

  • Less Sword rewards and more Gold will be given
  • Change will be reflected as soon as the new update is Live

Package Changes

  • Special Packages (Beginner/Monthly/Daily) will be giving out reduced amount of Swords and increased amount of Gold
  • We have recognize that users have an abundant amount of swords, and we are now trying to offer more ways of accumulating gold.

Misc Adjustments

  • DEF stat will now be applied for Elemental Attacks
  • 6* Story Heroes’ Stats have been improved
  • The Story Heroes did not stand out so we decided to give them a bit of a boost when utilizing the Limit Break feature

iOS Fixes

  • Cut Scenes will not be displayed for iPhone 4S and lower devices
  • Removed the Cut Scenes due to crashing issues with the older devices
  • iOS Install Size has been reduced from 1.3GB to 580MB
  • iOS Download Size has been reduced to 224MB

Other Bug Fixes

  • Next Stage/Repeat button will not be available when user’s Inventory is full
  • Unintended bug and is now fixed
  • Users will not be rewarded more than once for taking a friend into a dungeon within a day
  • DEF will be properly displayed in PvP


  • Power-Up Animation Skip added (Finally RIGHT?!)

Update Release Date: Currently Pending

Once again, feel free to let us know your thoughts about our newest update!

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the game!

Best, Vashyne

[EVENT] 2x Event Item Drop Rate - 11 May, 2015

[Gold Rush Event]

Hello Linkers!

If you love Gold, we've got an exciting event for you! For a limited time, purchase 1 of 3 packages with x2.5 bonus Gold!

Packages [Available from 5/1 ~ 5/10]

Gold Rush Package 1 [60% Discount, x2.5 More Gold]:

  • 125,000 Gold
  • 360 Gems
  • 30 Swords
  • 500 VIP Points

Gold Rush Package 2 [62% Discount, x2.5 More Gold]:

  • 500,000 Gold
  • 1,250 Gems
  • 100 Swords
  • 1,000 VIP Points

Gold Rush Package 3 [65% Discount, x2.5 More Gold]:

  • 1,125,000 Gold
  • 2,600 Gems
  • 200 Swords
  • 2,000 VIP Points


2x Event Items Drop Rate - 5/11-5/15

EVENT 2x Event Item Drop Rate May 11 2015
  • [Available from 5/11 ~ 5/15, 3 PM ~ 10 PM PDT Daily (Global Server)]
  • [Available from 5/11 ~ 5/15, 3 PM ~ 10 PM CEST Daily (Europe Server)]
  • [Available from 5/11 ~ 5/15, 3 PM ~ 10 PM CST Daily, China Standard Time (Asia Server)]

Increased droprate of Event Orichalcon/Diamond to 2x for Normal/Nightmare/Hell dungeons (excludes Battle/PvP dungeons).

2x Gold - 5/16-5/17

  • [Available from 5/16 5 PM ~ 5/17 5 PM PDT (Global Server)]
  • [Available from 5/16 5 PM ~ 5/17 5 PM CEST (Europe Server)]
  • [Available from 5/16 5 PM ~ 5/17 5 PM CST, China Standard Time (Asia Server)]

2x Gold will be rewarded for Normal/Nightmare/Hell dungeons (excludes Battle/PvP dungeons).

2x EXP (Heroes Only!) 5/18-5/22

  • [Available from 5/18 5 PM ~ 5/22 5PM PDT (Global Server)]
  • [Available from 5/18 5 PM ~ 5/22 5PM CEST (Europe Server)]
  • [Available from 5/18 5 PM ~ 5/22 5PM CST, China Standard Time (Asia Server)]

2x EXP will be rewarded for Normal/Nightmare/Hell dungeons (excludes Battle/PvP dungeons). 2x EXP is only for heroes, NOT for account levels.


2x Gold - 5/1-5/10

  • [Available from 5/1 5 PM ~ 5/10 5 PM PDT (Global Server)]
  • [Available from 5/1 5 PM ~ 5/10 5 PM CEST (Europe Server)]
  • [Available from 5/1 5 PM ~ 5/10 5 PM CST, China Standard Time (Asia Server)]

2x Gold will be rewarded for Normal/Nightmare/Hell dungeons (excludes Battle/PvP dungeons).

Link your path to victory! - The Dungeon Link Team -

[ANNOUNCEMENT] 5/8 Server Update - 5 May, 2015

Hello Linkers!

We would like to inform you all that a quick patch has been applied to the servers.

The daily server maintenance that occurred at 5:00 AM PDT is no longer necessary. Instead, the server maintenance will occur only once a week. However, because Boss Raid still needs to be reset daily, it will not be available from 5:00 AM - 5:10 AM PDT daily.

"The weekly maintenance will take place on Wednesday at 5 AM PDT.

  • The maintenance time is subject to change."

Friend System Fix Users will not be able to add/remove unlimited amounts of friends Users are only allowed to remove 10 friends daily Users can only send 20 gifts per day

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the game.

-Dungeon Link Team-

Example text

ding|[ANNOUNCEMENT] Server Reset Times - May 6, 2015}}

Hello Linkers!

Some users may have had connection issues in the mornings at 5:00 AM PDT on the Global Server. We would like to explain what happens during this time. At 5:00 AM, the server contents (Daily Dungeon Keys/Raid Rewards/Daily Packages/etc) reset daily for all servers. The amount of time that it takes for the servers to reset is estimated to be about 10 minutes. Originally, the server reset should not have required a server maintenance, but due to the overwhelming number of users in-game, a maintenance is required. We would like to apologize for running the maintenance without prior notice. We ask that all users avoid playing during these specified times daily.

Here's the current schedule for the daily server maintenance for each server: Global Server: 5:00 AM PDT 1:00 PM CET 9:00 PM KST 8:00 PM CST

Europe Server: 4:00 AM CET 8:00 PM PDT 12:00 PM KST 11:00 AM CST

Asia Server: 4:00 AM CST 9:00 PM CET 1:00 PM PDT

Duration of maintenance: 10 Minutes

Please note: Users may get disconnected from the game during the time of maintenance. We ask that you are at a safe location within the game before the maintenance and refrain from playing during the maintenance period.

Thank you for your support and understanding and we again apologize for the inconvenience.

-Dungeon Link Team-

[Notice] Hacker Ban Policy - May 1, 2015

Hello Linkers,

It has come to our attention that many of you have come across hacker’s within Dungeon Link. We are continuously working on security measures to rid our games of this type of gameplay. While this process is being fine-tuned, you are more than welcome to report any hackers you may encounter to myself, and I will forward them to the proper parties.

We here at Gamevil take these reports very seriously. It is our responsibility to provide our players a fun and genuine gaming experience.

With that being said, any player that has been found to be hacking/modding the game files in anyway, will receive a permanent ban from the Dungeon Link servers.

Thank you all, for your continued support!

Best, Vashyne

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